Gallery 1.2: ISSF Activites

ISSF-sponsored scientist observing fish behavior during a bycatch research cruise in the Indian Ocean.

ISSF-sponsored scientist tagging a tuna during a bycatch research cruise in the Western Pacific Ocean.

ISSF Skipper Workshops where scientists and fishers share ideas to improve the sustainability of tuna purse seine fisheries.

Advocating for science-based conservation and management of the tuna stocks and their ecosystems at the meetings of the tuna RFMOs.

Working with the tuna industry to encourage the adoption of best fishing practices by tuna fleets through the ISSF ProActive Vessel Register

Sponsoring, in addition to skipper workshops, symposiums for scientists and fisheries managers to share information on fisheries and bycatch research.

Publishing a regularly updated "Status of the Stocks" report, with information on ISSF Technical Report 2013-04A | August, 2013 abundance, mortality and related bycatch issues for every major tuna stock.