Gallery 2.6: FADs

Towing a FAD (Photo: Fabien Forget)

Shark entangled in a FAD (Photo: Fabien Forget)

Sea life around a FAD (Photo: SPC)

This FAD does not have the hanging net panels seen in most traditional FADs. (Photo: Fabian Forget)

The netting used in traditionally constructed FADs can entangle animals, notably sensitive species such as turtles and sharks.

Construction of traditional FADs on deck using bamboo, floats, and purse seine netting

FAD rafts stored on deck

Alternative, non-entangling FAD designs substituting net with fabric (left) or biodegradable sheets (right) (Photo: IEO)

Capt. Dick Stephenson’s FAD design using ropes to replace net

FAD constructed with biodegradable materials including palm leaf cover and small mesh jute netting commencing 10 m below the raft (Photo: AZTI-Tecnalia)

Tightly fitted small-mesh netting on raft

Underwater netting held into bundles ("sausages" or "chorizos") with ropes (Photo: IRD)

Commercially used FAD with raft underwater and net replaced by plastic sheets (Photo: Inpesca)

A narrow “log style” surface instead of a traditional wide-raft FAD discourages turtles from climbing. (Photo: ISSF)