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Photo Credits:

ISSF would like to thank Ernesto Altamirano (IATTC), Peter Sharples (SPC), Laurent Dagorn (IRD), David Itano (University of Hawaii/NOAA), Jon Ruiz (AZTI) and all of the observers, scientists and skippers that have contributed to our understanding of sustainable tuna fishing practices.

ISSF extend special thanks to the photographers who contributed images to this book: Fabian Forget, AZTI Tecnalia, Inpesca, SPC, Joshua Sione (JCS), FAO, David Itano, Kurt Schaefer, FADIO/IRD-Ifremer/M. Taquet, Jeff Muir, A.D. Lewis, J.E. Randall, NOAA Fisheries, Jeremy Stafford-Deitsch (IUCN), D. Golden, C. Rogers (USGS), A. Bruckner (NOAA),, MarBEE (UCD).


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