ISSF ProActive Vessel Register

ISSF recently launched the ProActive Vessel Register (PVR), which is an innovative and effective way for vessel owners to identify themselves as active participants in meaningful sustainability efforts. The PVR provides third-party validated information to tuna purchasers of the positive steps each vessel is taking in implementing a series of commitments designed to bring responsible practices to tuna fishing.

Each vessel that registers on the PVR also needs to ensure that its skippers do one of the following:

  1. Attend an ISSF Workshop on bycatch mitigation practices, or
  2. Read the relevant ISSF Skippers' Guidebook, which contains information on bycatch handling and mitigation, RFMO requirements, and other useful information about fishing sustainably. Skippers' Guidebooks can be read online at or downloaded from

If you are assigned to a vessel on the PVR, the following website will display those actions that the vessel has committed to undertaking as part of joining the PVR:

These actions, known as ISSF Conservation Measures, are detailed in the following section.