Bird-scaring Lines

A bird scaring line, also known as tori line or bird streamer line, is a line (often 100 meters long) that is towed from a high point near the stern from which streamers are suspended at regular intervals. The streamers flap as the vessel pitches and rolls, and this deters the birds from flying near the stern of the vessel. The bird scaring line is most effective when the streamers are flapping directly above the baited hooks. The wind must be taken into consideration; if crosswinds blow the streamers to the side of the longline, then the baited hooks are exposed to the seabirds. If feasible, the most effective setup is to fly two tori lines, one to port and one to starboard of the baited hooks.

Movie 2.2: Deploying a Bird-Scaring Line

A video about deploying a bird-scaring line. Also available at

Bird scaring lines (Photo: Sebastian Jimenez, Albatross Task Force, Uruguay)