Gallery 3.7: Shark Handling and Release Don’ts

DO NOT lift the animal by its head or tail, as this can severely damage the spinal cord (Poisson et al, 2012)


DO NOT throw, hit, or squeeze the animal. Prevent the animal from battering itself against the deck or other hard objects. (Poisson et al, 2012)

DO NOT yank or push the animal sharply. (Poisson et al, 2012)

DO NOT leave the animal in the sun. If possible, handle the animal in the shade or otherwise reduce its exposure to the sun. (Poisson et al, 2012)

DO NOT tug or yank the net around an entangled animal. Instead use clippers, if necessary. For animals entangled in the net, reduce the speed of the net reel. Once the tension is reduced, carefully remove the animal. (Photo: Poisson et al, 2012)

DO NOT insert hands or objects into the gill openings. (Poisson et al, 2012)

DO NOT insert a gaff, hook, or other pointed object to drag or lift the animal. (Poisson et al, 2012)